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syloah's Journal

Syloah - Sylar/Noah
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This is a community for the characters Sylar and Noah Bennet of the NBC TV Series Heroes. We would like it to be home to Fanfic and graphics that contain the Sylar/Noah pairing.

How about the Rules: Please read these before you join and post. Thank You.

1. This is a Sylar/Noah slash community. All types of fanworks are accepted, from FanFic to FanArt of all sorts, but they must feature both the characters of Sylar and Noah Bennet.

2 All Ratings of fanworks are allowed. G to NC-17

3. Properly label your works and any large images should be behind an LJ-Cut. Images or graphics containing Adult Content should also be put behind an LJ-Cut.

4. Any Fanfics should use this Header or a similar one to label their story. All stories should be put behind an LJ-Cut

Author: Your penname.
Rating: G to NC-17
Pairing(s): Stories can contain pairings other then Sylar/Noah but they must contain Sylar/Noah in some capacity.
Summary: Please give a description of your story for the community and readers.
Disclaimer: Here you state that you do not own the rights to any characters or Heroes the TV series. Please remember to include a disclaimer. It's to protect you from legal consequences.
Warnings/Spoilers: Please use Spoiler warnings for your stories. Just give an idea of where you are or where you go in terms of the timeline of the show so people can determine if the story will spoil them or not.

5. Any icon post containing more than 3 icons must be behind an LJ-Cut. 3 icons may be used outside of a cut as a Preview.

6. There will be no bashing or rude behavior toward fellow members of the community or characters of the show Heroes. This is not the place for it. If you don't like the Sylar/Noah pairing then please do not participate in this community.

7. We are here to have fun and enjoy the show Heroes and the pairing of Sylar/Noah. Please feel free to post anything you have relating to them. Discussions, fanfic, graphics, icons. It is all welcome. :)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me, greatbriton

Please, Pimp us around!! :)